A bunch of developed ideas from high investment to no investment with very fast breakeven numbers. Ask us for calculations.

Maximum Speed!!!

We will develop your printing press up to the highest speed and we will train your employees to deal with it. Just ask us.

this will significantly reduce your costs!!!


We will extend the maintenance of your blanket washing system interval up to 2 years.


Shorten your washing times to up to 15 (even 6)seconds!!!

Washing times between 6 and 15 seconds!


Paper spraying system mounted in front of the black printing unit

- picture for patent reasons not available -

really big savings!!!

PLC-Changings for short washing and less paper waste

Dedicated cleaning to avoid paper breaks

We will perform a specialized cleaning in your printing press to reduce significantly the paper breaks

-Citora-SHORTEN YOUR WASHING TIMES WITHOUT INVESTMENTS!!! you can use the shortest washprogram.  1,79 Eur / 2,10 Dollar per Liter

No additional Investment needed!!!


We have developed new fixed stainless steel nozzles for your spray tube.

This means no moore machine stops because of falling out nozzles. Ask us for a quote. 

don´t stop your production for Really no reason any more!!!

-EGGTEC-More efficient watertank Isolation!!!

EGGTEC - The new developed way of isolation. Ask for a presentation.

new product!!! NOW SUCCessfull tested

It lasts longer than tape!

avoid tearing your paper!!! Price starting from 170 Euro / 200 Dollar per meter Watertank

lowest  sparepart Prices in the market!!!

Tell us about your sparepart needs and we will offer you a special price. Give us a shot.

Let us make you an offer!!!